Audi Style Projector Headlight Eagle Eye(Civic)

Audi Style Projector Headlights.

With 8 Leds, Comply Design Of Audi Light LED Strips and Eagle Eye CCFL Ring.
Low Beam Using H7,
High Beam Using H1.
Can Convert To HID Easily.

$440 Cash & Carry
$480 With Installation.
$640 With H7 HID Kit With Ballast.

I Can Be Reach @ RstyleRacing@Gmail.Com
Or Phone Contact : +65 92306608


4 Responses to “Audi Style Projector Headlight Eagle Eye(Civic)”

  1. Hi there,

    what is the difference btw the audi headlight Depo for civic and the Audi Eagle Eye for civic?

    • Hi…

      Eagle eye Audi : with LEDs daylight and one ccfl ring.

      Depo Audi : only have the led daylights. Titanium gross Colour and individual slot for the LEDs…

  2. I wanna buy these can I pay by card?

  3. I find the LEDS too bright and hence it makes the look shabby! Will I be able to change the LEDS so that I get the exact Audi R8/A4 looks?

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