AUDI Projector Headlight (Jazz/Fit GE)

Latest Design Depo Projector Headlight..

Individual Compartment For The LEDs.
Sleek Design, Making Your Jazz/Fit GE Look Sharper.
Using H7 / H1 Bulbs, Can Convert To HID Easily.

$480 Cash & Carry
$500 With Installation.
$680 With H7 HID Kit With Ballast.


8 Responses to “AUDI Projector Headlight (Jazz/Fit GE)”

  1. I am interested in the black AUDI Projector Headlight (Jazz 2005). I am located in Australia, would you post it?

  2. what is this “H7 HID Kit With Ballast”..??
    is that compulsory to buy? for working this light?
    or i can use the same projector head light alone (SGD 500)

  3. this did not fit in my 2011 Jazz.,,what to do now?

  4. Will this headlight pass the inspection? I am driving a GE8. Mine comes with the factory fitted HID.

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