Servicing Items

A] Brake Oil : 08203-P9900ZT (0.5litres)
Price : $12

B] Transmission Oil : ATF-Z1 08268-P9943YT1 (3litres)
Price : $30

C] Coolant Fluid : 08CLA-P9911LT Blue (1litre)
Price : $14

D] Radiator fluid 08C04-TH40 Green (4litres)
Price : $18

E] Engine Oil :
5w-30 08232-P99F4MT1 (4litres) : $60
5w-40 08232-P99G1LT1 (1litre) : $30

F] Air Filter :
Civic 2.0 : 17220-RRA-700 : $25

G] Air Con Filter : 80292-SNL-T01
Price : $38

H] Oil filter 15400-RAF-T01
Price : $15

I] Fuel Filter : 17048-SNA-010
Price : $45

J] Wiper Refill : $28


~ by RacingStyle on October 13, 2010.

One Response to “Servicing Items”

  1. hello bro..
    im interested to buy ATF filter + fuel filter for FD1.
    i got fren work in singapore.. where can he meet u?
    i will bank in the money to him and he will come to ur shop to get the items. its possible?

    azmi – 0196356610

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